SUBVERSIVES | the History of Lowest of the Low & Special Features

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This is the full length feature film and all the extra scenes
Commentary By Jon Brooks & Simon Head

Lowest of the Low is a Canadian Band that has been together for over 30 years.
They had the record of most independent albums sold until Barenaked Ladies outsold them in the early 1990's. This is a story of how a band that stuck to their guns flying the Indy flag until the major labels came calling in the mid-nineties.
It's a story of tenacity and the will to create art without the corporate fingers in the pudding. This film was funded by Simon Head with some contributions from fans of the band. The making of the film parallels the bands ethics and beliefs regarding art & commerce.

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Whats included

Full Length Movie
2 hours
Movie with Commentary
2 Hours
Don't Call Me a Sellout
12 Minutes
Fights Nazis & Other Delights
27 mins
Greg Broke a String
Live at the Hayloft Dance hall
4 O'Clock Stop
Audio remixed by Andy Koyama
The Fans | Toronto & Buffalo
10 mins
Lazy days
Live at the Horseshoe
City full of Cowards
Live in Fergus, Ontario
Life Imitating Art | Art Bergmann
8 mins
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SUBVERSIVES | the History of Lowest of the Low & Special Features

1 rating